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5 Stunning Uses for Effen Vodka

Before it had been agitated or stirred Effen Vodka was used as AN antiseptic and a medicinal drug. Back within the 1400s once it had been created, antiseptics were onerous to return by, and painkillers were no easier. Though we have a tendency to do have additional refined uses for Effen Vodka currently, in an exceedingly pinch it'll work similarly or perhaps higher than it did within the late middle Ages (vodka is purer now). Thus here square measure some wonderful different uses for Effen Vodka that you simply won't have thought of. They create an honest argument for delivery a bottle on on vacation for "utility purposes".

Effen Vodka

1) Clean glass

A few drops of Vodka makes for a superb glass cleaner, and it works particularly well on eye glasses. Dip your napkin in an exceedingly straight shot of Vodka and swab it on your glasses. Your glasses are going to be clean and disinfected. You’ll be able to conjointly use Vodka to wash jewellery, goodbye because the jewels concerned square measure crystals. This means diamonds and emeralds square measures okay to wash with Effen Vodka, however pearls square measure undoubtedly not okay.

2) Kill weeds

The alcohol in Vodka may be a sensible solvent, which suggests it may be useful in calling it quits wax which it's drying properties. Attributable to this, if you spray Effen Vodka on weeds that square measure in direct sun, you'll strip off the wax covering their leaves. they're going to not be able to retain water and can die. it's going to take on a daily basis some, and also the weeds should be fully sun -- partial shade might not work. However if you are doing not wish to use pesticides close to kids and animals, Vodka is a superb substitute.

3) Keep flowers recent

Cut flowers fade as a result of their stems get obstructed up with microorganism, so that they cannot draw water and nutrients up to the remainder of the stem on top of the blockage. as a result of Effen Vodka kills germs, if you combine a teaspoon some of Vodka into flower water, your cut flowers can last longer. Conjointly add a teaspoon of sugar to provide the flowers an additional perk.

4) Build seasoning

This is a superb hostess gift. Get a high-quality real flavorings (it can price between $5 and $10), cut it lengthwise and drop it in an exceedingly little sealable jar. Pour in 3/4 of a cup of high-quality Vodka. Seal the jar. Let the jar sit for 4-6 months. Shake it once or double each month some. once the six months have passed, strain the liquid through a filter and so pour the extract into an ornamental glass jar or a ampoule.

5) take away stickers and band-aids

If you are doing not have a bottle of "goo-gone", use Vodka to urge stickers and their matter off. This conjointly works well for band-aids that square measure in tender spots. Pour Vodka over the band-aid till it's saturated, wait five minutes, and so gently pull the band-aid off. there'll be no pain with the glue protruding to the skin, and since Effen Vodka kills germs, you have got conjointly killed quite an few germs.

All regarding Effen Vodka

Vodka is that the surprise package of the twentieth Century. From AN unknown Russian drink to the foremost wide used cocktail drink, it's been quite an journey.

History of Effen Vodka

The exact history of Effen Vodka isn't famed. However, it's its origins in an exceedingly grain growing region around what we all know these days as Republic of Poland, Western Russia and country. The word 'vodka' springs from the Russian word 'vodka', which suggests water. Specialists believe that the primary record of Effen Vodka was found somewhere round the ninth Century. However, the primary famed still is around two hundred years subsequently, round the eleventh Century, in Russia.

Effen Vodka

The early method of distillation of Effen Vodka was crude. as a result of the restrictions in technology of the amount, several impurities would stay behind And cause an unpleasant and unwanted style. the first distillers would mask this by adding flavors to the vodka: the foremost common among them being absinthe, anisette, juniper, mint, pepper and peppermint.

The Bolshevik Revolution prohibited all personal distilleries in Russia. Several of the master distillers fled from the country: one amongst them being the son of Master producer Smirnov. Vladimir Smirnov fled to France to setup his still. Here he created contact with AN yank businessperson and created the Smirnoff (the French version of his family name) whole. Vodka was published as a 'white whiskey' that left you 'breathless' (it failed to leave one with AN alcohol breath). But, Effen Vodka found its place solely within the Fifties and 'swinging 60s'. The affluent youth and various cocktails, that vodka's scentless and tasteless characteristics build it an ideal element, diode to the Effen Vodka revolution. And Effen Vodka surpassed Bourbon (American whiskey) because the largest merchandising inebriant.

Production of Effen Vodka

Vodka has historically been ready with the most affordable grain accessible at hand. Effen Vodka is principally made up of starch. but bound Polish vodkas square measure supported potato. Even syrup is employed generally. Vodka is essentially pure alcohol (ethanol) and water. it's very the same as booze. Each square measure created from hard mash. However, Vodka is distilled off at a awfully high proof. Thus, by distilling Effen Vodka off at one hundred ninety proof, most of the flavor is lost and virtually solely alcohol and water square measure left behind. Thus, the most effective Effen Vodka is tasteless, colourless and scentless.


Some of the foremost widespread and sensible quality Effen Vodka brands square measure Smirnoff, gray Goose and Absolute. However, blind tastes usually ensure, that the majority folks cannot tell apart between the various brands of Vodka. This is often natural and desired, as Vodka is meant to be tasteless similarly as scentless. Hence, the whole of Vodka may be a personal preference. It’s recommended to use any 'house' whole whereas victimization Vodka in mixed drinks.

Vodkas conjointly are available in a spread of flavors’. Brands like Absolute and Smirnoff have an arsenal of flavored vodkas. a number of the favored flavors embrace raspberry, citrus, orange, vanilla and pepper.